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Car Rider Procedures

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Buses ONLY

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Arrival/Departure Car Rider Procedures


  • Cars will enter into the car rider area from the east or west from Highway 152.
  • As cars pull into this area, school representatives will open doors to aid children in quickly exiting the vehicle.
  • Please make sure to have said your goodbyes for the day before getting to the unloading area.


  • All cars will enter into the car rider area from the east or west from Highway 152.
  • Cars will enter the car rider arrival and departure area in two lines at this time.
  • A school representative will then enter your child’s car tag number into their phone to alert teachers and students that their car has entered the car rider area.
  • Another representative will help direct cars as they merge into one lane of traffic in the order that their child will be picked up in the car rider line.
  • There will be approximately twelve individuals assisting students by opening and closing the doors to the cars while students are loading.
  • Once students are loaded, please do not wait in line to assist your child with buckling up.
    • Please pull into one of the available parking spots north of the loading area and assist your child as needed.
  • After loading, cars will exit the car-rider lane going north or south on Clear Springs Road.

This will take some time at the beginning of the school year, and the process will become more streamlined. Thank you for your cooperation and patience.