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MEC Awarded $2500 Oklahoma Arts Council Grant

Mustang Education Center Awarded $2500 Oklahoma Arts Council Grant

(Mustang, Oklahoma – September 2, 2021) – The Mustang Education Center (MEC) is a unique building that houses a half-day PreKindergarten Program for three/four year olds and an Alternative Education Program for high school students.  For each of the last seven years, the MEC has applied for and received grant funding from the Oklahoma Arts Council (OAC) to provide Arts Instruction to their high school students.  Just after school started on August 12, school principal, Daryl Williamson, received word that they have been awarded another grant for the Fall 2021 semester.  

The Oklahoma Arts Council provides grants to eligible organizations for arts programs. Because arts education can positively impact overall student achievement, improve critical thinking skills, and prepare students to succeed in the workforce, the OAC provides grant funding for arts education programs that take place in schools during normal school hours.  Alternative education schools within the Oklahoma State Department of Education system are eligible for two grants of up to $2,500 per school year in grant funding for arts education programming; a 5 percent cash match is required. Several factors affect grant funding, including (but not limited to):

  • Quality of grant application

  • Quality of program

  • Project budget – only project deficits are funded

  • Organization’s funding history and level of organizational capacity (determines support category: Small, Major, or Organizational Support)

  • Number of underserved individuals in the organization’s community

  • Amount of funding available from the Council

“Previous MEC staffers started applying for these grants years ago,” former MEC Principal and current MPS Director of Communications, Kirk Wilson said.  “We have used these funds to give students experiences in vocal music, African drumming, visual art, writing as an art, and more.”  One student who has benefited from the program for the last two years was overheard saying that “the arts program was one of the best parts of [her] day,” and that she “enjoyed learning how to be a better writer by using visual art.”  

“We are just so proud to be able to offer these programs to our students,” current MEC principal Daryl Williamson stated.  “Without the [Oklahoma] Arts Council, this would not be possible.”

About The Oklahoma Arts Council

Oklahoma Arts Council grants ensure individuals statewide have access to the arts. Much of the agency's budget is invested directly into Oklahoma communities in the form of grants, and more than 40 percent of the agency's grant funding supports arts and arts education programming in rural areas. Communities throughout the state benefit from Oklahoma Arts Council grants.  For more information, please visit:  https://arts.ok.gov/About_Us/Oklahoma_Arts_Council_Mission.html 

About The Mustang Education Center
The Mustang Education Center, or MEC as it is called, is a unique building that houses a half-day PreKindergarten Program for three/four year olds and an Alternative Education Program for high school students. This former nursing facility was purchased by the District from a federal housing department for $10 and remodeled for its current use. The building serves more than 200 students on a daily basis, and also provides office space for the District Test Coordinator.
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